Magento 2 Seminar Magento 2 Seminar

October 21st 2016 Utrecht Netherlands

Some notes for English attendees

About the Magento 2 Seminar

On January 22nd the first Magento 2 Seminar took place. And it was a huge success.

On October 21st we're doing this again - now more focused on merchants.

Magento 2 is in full motion: This October we can be a lot more practical.

If you are busy with Magento as a professional, you can't miss out on this.

The seminar covers the entire day including a drink afterwards. There will be around 15-20 lightning talks plus 3 keynotes. The expected number of attendees lies between 200 and 250. You are definitely going to enjoy this event! Most details will be shared via the Dutch main page of this site.

Practicalities for international attendees

The event will be focused on Dutch. However there will be exceptions: Quite a few presentations are in English, including all keynotes and some lightning talks. Dutch can speak English, though our Dunglish is better. Forgive us if we speak like Johan Cruyff.

The event is hosted on the outskirts of Utrecht. The location is reachable by public transport: A train goes from Utrecht CS to Utrecht Lunetten in 4 minutes and from there it is a 1.2km walk. The address is: Mereveldseweg 9, 3585 LH Utrecht. If you are a speaker, when arriving on the seminar site, just ask anyone of the team and they'll direct you in the right way.

Staying overnight

Most of you will stay overnight. There are numerous places to stay in the old center of Utrecht. Around the seminar site (a countryside setting) there are few places to stay and/or eat. We recommend you to have your meals in the center of Utrecht as well. If you need any suggestions, drop us a mail.

Schedule of things

One week before the Magento 2 Seminar there is another great event in The Netherlands - MageUnconf - from October 14th to 16th also in Utrecht. Many international attendees are covering both events, and we definitely recommend you to do that too! Our first seminar was combined with a hackathon the day after - this time, the seminar is combined with a great unconference before!

The evening before the seminar we are aiming to come together and have a diner. Let us know if you are interested in joining!